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Small Engine Repair

Pricing and Service Procedures

(Please for further Details)

Eastern Supply Co., has determined the amounts below to be the average cost of Repairs.(please understand minor repairs may be quite less while bigger repairs may be more)

All Repairs will have a Pre-Determined/Pre-Authorized Amount.

Pre-Authorized Amounts:

Handheld Equipment         $150 - $200
Push Mowers                       $100 - $130
2 CYL Mowers                      $100 - $250
Generator/Pump                $125 - $200
Snow Thrower (2stg)          $110 - $300
Snow Thrower (1stg)          $100 - $150
Commercial Mowers          $220 - $350


We will only provide Estimate on Repairs as soon as it is Known.  The cost for this $60.00* minimum Repair Authorization

Estimates Fees will be based on a Flat Rate Fee. Parts needed to determine the Estimate and any additional time other than the allotted time will be additional.

Annual Service

A.K.A. Tune-Ups

*Prices indicate Labor Only- Parts Additional. Prices subject to change.
(please contact us for further details and for items not listed)

2-Cycle Hand-Held Equipment        $150.00* to $200.*
Push Mower                                       $99.99* to $129.99*
Self-Propelled Mower                       $99.99*
Generator                                           $89.99* to $109.99*
Snow Thrower (1stg)                         $99.99*, (2stg) $109.99*

Blade Sharpening

(off machine/on machine)

Lawn Mower Blade                          $9.00ea/$20.00ea
Chainsaw Blade                                $12.00ea/$22.00ea

Prices are subject to change.

Pick-Up & Delivery Available

Prices Vary by Location

Pick-Up & Delivery is available round trip or only one way as needed
We have the ability to pick up multiple units at once.
Share the Transport with a neighbor and split the cost.

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